Return Policy Statement

Effective November 1, 2021

All product return requests, expect as stated below, should be direct to Qualanex, LLC.

General Guidelines

Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. (PAI) will only accept returns from wholesalers purchasing directly from PAI or through an authorized distributor of record for purposes of resale. Wholesalers/distributors are not authorized to accept returns on PAI items from their customers or to issue credit to their customers’ returns of PAI products on our behalf if these items were not purchased directly from the Wholesaler/Distributor. All direct purchase pharmacy/customer returns will be processed on a direct basis and in full compliance with PAI Return Goods Policy. To the extent that this policy conflicts with the requirements of any applicable state law, the policy will parallel the applicable state law. Returned product that does not meet these requirements will be destroyed and no credit will be extended.

Request a Return Authorization

You may obtain your return label and track the progress of the return is by contacting Qualanex, LLC as below.

Phone: 800-505-9291
Fax: 847-775-7258

Customer Service representatives at Qualanex are available to answer questions you may have on how to return product at 800-505-9291.

Wholesalers/Distributors may return merchandise from their inventory for credit for a period up to one (1) year after label expiration. Qualifying Returned Goods are to be shipped FOB destination.

Non-Returnable Product
Products not covered by PAI’s Return Goods Policy include the following:

  • Unauthorized returns or products returned without Return Authorization
  • Product that has more than six (6) months remaining on its expiration date
  • Product that has been discontinued for over a year
  • Product that has been expired for over a year
  • Product returned by a source other than the original purchaser or authorized distributor of record
  • Product with lot number or expiration date missing, covered, removed or unreadable
  • Product returned freight collect; products opened, tampered with, or with seals broken
  • Product defaced with stickers, price markings, label alterations
  • Product damaged by improper storage or handling
  • Product sold on a non-returnable basis
  • Product involved in fire, flood, or catastrophe
  • Product involved in bankruptcy, sacrifice, distress sale
  • Product obtained illegally or sold as short-dated, close-out, special promotion or sold as non-returnable
  • Product purchased for the purpose of stockpiling for speculative means
  • Product shall be ineligible for return when the intent of the customer is to temporarily reduce inventor

Qualanex will not accept returns of product shipped or ordered in error or concealed damage claims, without prior authorization from PAI. Product returns for product or packaging complaints or quality issues must be reported to the manufacturer by contacting PAI directly at 800-845-8210 (within 10 days of receipt) to obtain authorization/instructions on how to return. Claims for damaged goods and shipping errors will be honored promptly upon notification from the Wholesaler. In the event of a shipping error or a claim for damaged merchandise, PAI will issue a call tag, return authorization and temperature data logger (if necessary) to be included with returned product, or will authorize shipment to Qualanex.


All eligible product will be credited based on the Wholesaler’s net acquisition cost, inclusive of any and all special discounts/rebates, or the current prevailing wholesale price list, whichever is lower. Products sold by the wholesaler on bid shall have reversal of chargeback debits. No credit will be researched or issues for any returns if requested one year or more after the date the debit memorandum was issued. No information will be provided to anyone other than the original purchaser. Credit will be issued by credit memorandum.

PAI is not responsible for transportation charges or additional fees from its customer’s 3rd party returns processor.


In the case of an overage you wish to keep, notify PAI, provide an image of the barcode label(s) and hold product for ASN before adding to stock.


Due to the requirements of serialization, photographs of case labels must be submitted with overage and damage claims.